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Smartshift™ Advantage

Smartshift™ Advantage

Designed to offer more freedom in the cab, Freightliner SmartShiftTM is a huge shift forward in automated mechanical transmission technology.

Mounted to the steering column, hands-on-the-wheel shifting offers drivers more room in the cab and minimises the fatigue that can build up over the course of the day when using a traditional gear-shift transmission.

Additional SmartShift™ Advantages Include

  • Easy to operate with the push or pull of a hand lever.
  • More space in the cab because the floor-mounted or seat-mounted shift control is eliminated.
  • Dash-mounted display.
  • No need to remove hands from wheel to operate.
  • Driver's eyes remain on the road which means less physical and mental driver fatigue.
  • Automatic shifting feature is easily overridden.
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